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30 October 2005

This isn't working

As you can see with my lack of posting in over 2 months, I'm finding it hard to maintain both this blog and my personal Noxious Ideas blog, so I'm gonna integrate this one into NI.

For my news/opinion on ARGs and Perplex City from now on, please refer to http://noxiousideas.blogspot.com

Thank You

02 September 2005

Air con up and (more importantly) working!

Yay! An app that actually works for me! It's quite a neat little program too. And, it's been found out that the server rooms are occupied from 9.30pm to 10pm (wrong times - actually 10.30pm to 11pm local time - see EDIT below) every Wed, Fri and Sun, in accordance with the spec mentioned in my last post. That's all the good news.

The bad news is that half an hour ago, we (the occupants of #syzygy chat room) tried to get some data leaks, as it was the right time to do so. The results were... discouraging. Exactly the same results as when you crash the program any other time (error 634). Clever people in IRC worked out that the program was contacting somewhere whenever it crashed, but was only 'listening' instead of the preferred 'talking'.

Personally, I think we all need to try in a massive burst - say, 100 crashes and then the info will be released. Others think the timer in the app needs to run down with all the temperature sensors showing the same reading. The only way we're gonna find out is to experiment some more on Sunday.

EDIT: Just now I checked the wiki - Residents of Ascendancy Point have started popping up when it crashes! Damn you Perplexians still on GMT, I missed the timings by 1 hour! Apparently there are approx 5000 names in total, giving us everyone who lives in The Point! That'll come in useful when mapping using the Heat sensor - and it should tell us who The Advisor is - excitement!

I really can't believe I missed it though... Well, I'll be there Sunday!

Blogs and The Sentinel

In the blogs today, Vi is trying to prove to her ol' man that she does care about The Cube. So, she's back to helping us follow up the old lead of 'The Third Power' through an really old library book. They were that cult, possibly with a '3' as their symbol, remember?
Scarlett on the other hand headed off for her expedition with her friends today. Her friends and, much to the annoyance of some unfictionologists³, her boyfriend*. I sent her a short email wishing her the best of luck, and to stay safe around the mysterious Viendenbourg

And speaking of Viendenbourg, The Sentinel interviewed Anja Marlowe and spoke of 'The War' - Oh, so which war would this be then? Seems the Perplexians have skeletons in their closets... This is the first time we've heard of it, after all. Anyways, I reckon this has something to do with Viendenbourg and how no one seems to have any data at all. I'll keep an eye on this one...

* "Brede, what a stupid name!" says Lyle (rolls eyes at himself).

31 August 2005

Phew... That was tough

Those not in the know just missed a great live event - phoning the Ascendancy Point Technical Support Help-line in a frantic attempt to squeeze the poor people on the other end for info/forcing them to open up new areas. Some pretty funny chat moments in there too.

But did we get results? ...Sort of. From the Eclipse Security System
Building Maintenance page:

Changes to your account regarding Air Conditioning subsystem access will be made within the next 48 hours (7:13pm BST 31st August)

Cool. Nice work Pineapple. Weather this means we get more logs like the heat sensor (which I still can't work) or a live control system is yet to be seen, but this new development is almost certainly linked to the fact that 'if you are operating any of the AC subsystems manually, you may experience interruptions or business data leaks during periods when regular maintenance is being carried out by technicians in the server rooms.'

It's been spec'd that we can use this in conjunction with the times/dates when we know people are working in on the server, and acquire some of these 'data leaks'. We'll just have to see when our upgrade arrives.

Well anyway, for stories and experiences try this thread or the chat logs

And finally, before it all began:
< madamo> any spec on what ppl think we'll get from tech support?
< Enigmaster> poss. a live person?
< AxysDenyed> zOMGWTFBBQ!
< Enigmaster> ie: "Hello, A Point tech support, how may I help?"
< AxysDenyed> Live interaction with people in Perplex City? Unheard of
...until now!

26 August 2005

Everyones packing heat but me...

We return to the good old Salk Logs this time, as UF unlocks a fun looking program using java...

But lets start at the beginning - on the 23rd, some memories from Pietros friends and family spoon-feed the answer to another Salk log, where The Advisor reveals he has a back door into Ascendency Points security system to access the heat sensor around his apartment and to server room 4. Hmm, who thinks we can crack it? Perplexed did, and er, did - using TA's favourite pastry (the Lime Life) as a password, he opened up the Eclipse Security System - well, two bits of it anyway.
This is where the heat sensor log program was found. ^_^ This is also where I found out I can't run it. T_T It spews up a error every time I try to enter a level - I'm running on Windows ME though - spot the mistake. Apparently, we should be able to figure out which room is TA's by using the Salk Logs, and I'll tell y'all if we find out anything.

Elsewhere, Scarlett has added a super secret link on her blog (it's white text on a white background *rolls eyes*) to all her adventures - so I might as well tell you: We asked her to investigate Pietros old desk, and found a note saying "Reynolds ionizers. Viendenbourg." While conducting research, an old creepy guy comes up and gives her a digital map, labelled with Viendenbourg. Luckily, shes going on a hike up near there, so she'll check it out for us. But who seriously thinks shes coming back with super secret techniques like white-on-white?

Also, the closing date for the Sentinel Ad competition has been and gone, and the winner(s) is expected to be revealed soon (unfortunately I didn't enter - I'll tell you why once the announcement has been made).

13 August 2005

Food, Forums and ...er... Finvestigations?

Been away for most of the week, and as usual some fairly significant things happened while I was sailing the ocean blue. Typical...

To start with, the Perplex City Forums have just been launched, with individual boards for each card and its already full of inquisitive noobs and wise ARG veterans. I've registered as Enigmaster (naturally), so as the sole reader of this blog, why not recommend this to others in your new signature? [/self-plug]

It also appears we now have all three active Perplexian contacts working on the Salk lead - Scarlett (abusing her new job opportunity at The Sentinel) is doing some snooping for us, especially around Pedros old desk... And maybe she found something - Can't say too much, you never know who is reading (*Lyle gives Jimmy a knowing wink). Subscribe to her new email updates to find out!

On a far less threatening note, in response to the report of how perplexians are adopting Earth foods in a rather creative manner, a few unfictionists³ wrote an View From Earth article on how to do it properly. Featured food include the ever popular Beans á la Toast and Sparerib Roast. Mmm, those perplexians won't know what hit em ^_^
Also, a tip for the pxc stock exchange: BUY shares in beans and ribs - I forsee a sudden increase in share prices ;)

Hmm, and the deadline for the ad campaign draws ever closer..Better work on that right now...

07 August 2005

Card list 1 (0.5 wave)

I've been sitting on my cards (metaphorically, of course) for a few days now, so I guess its about time I told y'all which ones I got. Well, In the pack was about half the currently released set of 66; 32 unique ones with 16 swaps, which ain't too bad for just £20. I probably won't buy any more of this set or splash out majorly on the next, for this reason: I forgot that this set will be available too with each coming wave, so there is a chance that I could get this waves cards next wave. Also, as it seems that the high level cards are quite hard to get, I will undoubtedly have to get many packs to get my hands on em, and so risk buying duplicates. Using these two facts then, as more waves are released my chances of finding a rarer card will remain the same, but my chances of getting new red or other low level cards will increase, saving me money(?) Or will it... Meh, I don't know, lack of school has had an effect on me I think. If I need more I can always buy some, its not like I'm broke at the mo.

Anyway, here are the cards I got from Firebox - feel free to contact me If you wanna trade/buy/sell, either through PM via UF or over email, there should be a link on my profile page here.

#013 x3
#017 x3
#025 x2

#042 x3
#050 x3
#054 x3

#089 x3

#107 x2
#111 x2
#120 x2





03 August 2005

Woah: Electronic Mail!

So Sente emailed us again. In case you're new to the whole thing and havn't regestered, here it is:

It has been some time since I last contacted you. I’d like to thank
you for your patience - as you can imagine, there has been a great
deal going on in Perplex City over the past months.

The most important news to report is that the puzzle cards I have
talked of for so long have now been created. The work has been
produced by a team of seven highly talented puzzle scribes from the
Perplex City Academy.

These cards reveal a great deal about our city and people, through
them I hope you’ll be able to piece together the mystery of who stole
the missing Receda Cube and where on Earth it has been hidden. I look
forward to the day when I can present the £100,000 / $200,000 reward
to whomever solves the mystery.

There are only nine stores in nine different cities on Earth where
you can buy these puzzle cards. I appreciate that travel to these
locations may not be easy so I have made sure that the cards are also
available online:


I plan to include a note of thanks to all who buy cards but I also
have a little something extra for the first 100 people who place
their order from now.

Your help in cracking the most enigmatic mystery that has ever
befallen our city is greatly appreciated. We will not forget your

Master of the Perplex City Academy

Nothing too special, but and a nice insentive to buy now and I guess it serves as a nice reminder to those who have forgot about Perplex City.

In other news, People have started getting their card packs for Firebox, so it looks like mine will be here tomorrow (hopefully). Those who have recieved them so far have been given a free postcard, which will make a nice addition to anyones collection.

01 August 2005

Cards = In the post!

You read correct - got an email over the weekend confirming that Firebox had posted the cards. I'm expecting them to get here sometime this week, perhaps even tomorrow!

I spent about £20, maybe that was a bit much, but it bought me, er...6x4x2... 48 cards! Out of a possible 66, that's a good ratio.

You may be wondering why I say only 66 when 251 have been confirmed - just think about it though: if MindCandy release all the cards at the same time, I can guarantee that 80%+ would be solved within the first 2 weeks. Where would that leave the boards then? Right back to the long periods of spec, that's where. Either that, or there'd be a major breakthrough on the Cube front, resulting in the game getting a 'completed' stamp put on it after only a couple of months.

So, with 66 cards released right now, that means...251/66... 4 waves of cards (aprox - my maths ain't up to scratch tonight), so 3 more waves to come. Gonna be fun :) Of course, that also means another...£20x3... £60 of my cash goin into the prize money fund, but nothing I can't handle :)

I can stop anytime I like, seriously, I just don't feel like it today doctor...

24 July 2005

Kurt joins the Pxc blogroll and Ad comp

The Path of Least Time is Kurts new blog - originally he had problems with that sidebar on the left, it didn't display right in Internet Explorer, but naturally he didn't notice it and nether did I as we both use the superior browser Firefox. That is pretty much it on that topic, apart for the fact that due to Kurts tech knowledge and high profile in the Academy, the other members (including Sente) are unaware of its existence. Secret-blog-questions a go-go!

In other news, the Sentinel have launched a competion to have an Earth person gain free advertising space in the Sentinel where currently there is ads for Perplex City Bank Corp, etc. The ad can be for anything at all, a Earth or Pxc business, a charity, the list goes on. Details here. I will most definitely be giving it a go, probably advertising the above mentioned Firefox, or some other net accessory. I just need a slogan...

Stay tuned for updates on this comp in future!